Do You Have Creepy Things In Your Office Like This? [PICTURE]
We all have them, that one joker in the office that likes to pull random pranks on people. At one of the stations I worked at in Eastern North Carolina we had an entire office FULL of people. We plastic wrapped cars to light poles, changed pictures in people's offices, and they once attached ev…
What Does It Feels Like To Die
This is a post actually written by my son, Ryan. He loves to write and though I am biased, I think he has talent. So I figured why not share it with everyone. I think like everyone, I do wonder what if anything happens when you die, and I think it's a fun question to debate. The problem with the que…
2011 Getting Creepy
I read on someone's Facebook wall this week the following information and I thought I'd pass it along because I found it fascinating yet extremely bazaar.  Let me know if this information doesn't apply to you because you will be the first person this has not worked on.