You Might Wake Up to Snow Tomorrow Morning!
I have a rental car, and my snow brush is in my real car at the shop.... I'm cheap and lazy, so I didn't buy and new one!  I know... lame. But, that's the situation.  I'm telling you this because I feel like you're gonna need yours tomorrow as you get ready for wor…
Your Countryfest Weather Forecast From Steve Caporizzo [AUDIO]
News 10 ABC meteorologist Steve Caporizzo, as you know, has been doing the weather on WGNA for, well, forever, and every Thursday morning he joins us live for Pet Connection, so I took the opportunity today to ask him about the weather for Countryfest. There has been talk of rain and talk of sun, bu…
Is the Weather Affecting Your Mood?
When I took a peak at the forecast for the week on Sunday, I'll admit, I was pretty devastated. The last thing any of us really want to see is a week full of rain and unfortunately
El Nino Will Bring A Warmer Drier Winter To New York Sate
I don't know if you have heard yet but meteorologist are getting crazy lately about the potential El Nino that we will be experiencing this year. In fact they say that it could be even stronger than the El Nino of 1997. SO, what does that mean for us? They say it should mean a warmer drier wint…

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