Pets That Hate Trump [VIDEO]
Pets sometimes have some weird behaviors.
Some even say animals have the best instincts on people. I mean, my dog is definitely the exception to that. She'd lick a murderers face and chase her tail for him, too.
Parents: This Video Is the Only Advice You Need [VIDEO]
Now, I don't have children but I'm definitely at the age where all of my friends (a lot of them, any way) have 'em. I've witnessed what they deal with, how easy it may seem at times and then how incredibly difficult and birth control worthy it can be others.
This Keyboard Player Might Be Possessed But Steals the Show [Watch]
I absolutely love this keyboard player from the Boston Crusaders. I love people who are passionate about their jobs or hobbies! So I happen to think she is totally slaying!
The keyboardist is Anna Eberhart. Anna is a student at John H. Guyer High School in Denton, TX and is their band's Dru…
Jumping on the Bandwagon…
I grew up listening to him. His posters were plastered on my bedroom and locker walls. I watched and loved (at the time) every hairstyle he's attempted (even that ramen noodle like phase.) He could've been just another guy in just another boyband
Pope Accepts a Pizza from Fan [Watch]
After a day of discussing viral marketing choices, I took to the internet to find a viral marketing campaign that does it's job without being offensive.
Lo and behold-
The owner of a pizza place in Naples, Italy ran out into the street when Pope Francis went by in his Popemobile on Sund…

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