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E3 Expo Is More Than Just Video Games
The world of video games and geeks is about to take center stage. The E3 Expo is where all video games and science fiction unveils their newest and most anticipated releases.
Epic Mickey 2 Is A Family Friendly Video Game [VIDEO]
This holiday season parents everywhere will be looking for presents their kids will enjoy and hopefully they can tolerate. I played the first "Epic Mickey" with my daughter on the Wii and it was really fun and well done. I have no reason to think 2 will be any different.
Video Game Addiction is Cited in 15% of Divorces
15% of divorce cite video games as a major factor? That's crazy. It also mentioned that the two main contributors were "World of Warcraft" and "Call of Duty". I saw this statistic the other day and I must admit, I was a little shocked at first. That number seemed to be a bit hi…

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