Negative Nancy’s on Social Media Got Ya Down?
I've been noticing, more so lately than any time before negative posts like cray-cray. When social media began to form in the early 2000s, it was to reconnect people, share what you have going on, thoughts, pictures, a lot of (annoying) surveys, etc. Somewhere along the way it's lost that …
Jake T Austin’s New ‘Superfan’ Girlfriend Gives Hope to Us All
Is social media the way to find true love with your celebrity crush?  I think so! (Pssssst... are you listening Dierks?!?!)
Jake T Austin a 21 year old actor best known for his role as a young wizard in Disney series 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' (and a whole bunch of other stuff on Nickelodeon and Disn…
Periscope with Us! [Instructions]
You may have heard us talking about Periscope on the air this morning.  It's a fun app that Twitter owns where you can stream live video!
Download it in your App Store and link it up to your twitter account.  Follow us!  @Bethany44, @SeanMcMaster and @RhyminRichie...

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