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Tension High Between Police And Residents After Troy Shooting
These are very tense times we live in, there's no doubt about it. With as much racial divide as there is a political divide in our country, things are being ramped up here locally as a 22-year-old man was shot last night in Troy. Residents shouted at police officers while they manned the scene, but …
Help Police Find Guy Preying On Women [PHOTO]
As a woman, we are always taught to be on guard. We usually travel in at least pairs and are more on aware of our surroundings at night. Well now there is a man who is preying on women and performing lewd acts in front of them in the middle of the day.
Albany Man Robs Same Gas Station 4 Times – SENTENCED
I guess, if it ain't broke don't fix it?
Or in this case, if it's broke financially and you haven't gotten caught yet, why not?
Well, other than because it's illegal to rob anyone, let alone at gun point,  there are plenty of other things you can do that aren't illeg…
Why The Troy Groundhog Killers Should Not Be Fired
There is a story circulating that a witness saw two men in a golf cart run down and then run over a groundhog at the Rensselaer Police Department Union's golf tournament in Frear Park this past Friday. While it has not been confirmed that these two men were actually police officers, there have …

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