Top 5 Airports to Find Love
I saw a headline this morning, “Top 5 Airports for Love”.  I thought, wow, people are meeting in the bars or on flights and falling in love. That’s cool!  But I was wrong!!
Amtrak, Megabus, and Other Delays + Cancelations Due to Sandy
If you were planning on taking the Amtrak or Megabus to New York City from the Albany area, you'll have to cancel your plans. Both have suspended service at least through Tuesday the 30th of October and perhaps longer depending on what Sandy leaves behind.
You Can Survive A Plane Crash, Here’s How [AUDIO]
Today on the show we talked about an interesting article I found about surviving a plane crash. As it turns out your probability of living through a plane crash may be a lot higher than you thought. A research team of scientist out of England went out of their way to prove just that, and t…

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