Potential Severe Weather Moving Into Area
We have some severe weather in the Albany area this evening including a tornado watch. A watch is not as serious as a warning but you can be sure if this turns into a warning (or other severe weather develops), we’ll do our best to pass along information on the air and online. Many of you have smart…
Tornadoes Rip Through the Mid West
I hate waking up in the morning to tragedy. That is what happened today. I always turn on the news when I drink that first cup of coffee and today the news was all about the weather. Not about the relentless rain and clouds we have been experiencing. We, in comparison to the mid-west are lucky.
The Calmest Man In The World In A Tornado
Have you ever taken the time to think about how you would act during a disaster? I can only hope I'm half as cool as this guy from North Carolina! He sits in his truck and has a calm conversation with a loved one, most likely his wife while a tornado heads right for him. AMAZING!!! Wa…