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Our Picks For #WGNASecretStar Jam on April 16
Morning show producer Dave thought it would be a great idea to see who each DJ thinks will be at Wednesday night's show!
The winner will get bragging rights and the use of one of the "good stools" in the studio. (As you may know, we have a bit of a seating situation in the stud…
Toby Keith’s ‘Shut Up And Hold On’ Line Dance
Toby Keith has given us a string of Country Dance hits. The classic 'How Do You Like Me Now' is a favorite for the couples dance El Paso and 'You Ain't Much Fun' is a great Sidekick. Now, the solid country hitmaker gives us some more line dance music!
Gun Ban at Toby Keith’s Restaurant
Just South of Washington D.C., in the town of Woodbridge, VA, Toby Keith opened another in his chain of restaurants, I Love This Bar and Grill, on Dec. 15.
On the door of the new establishment was a sign that asked patrons not to bring weapons inside the restaurant...

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