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Hysterical Video From SNL: ‘Hobbit Office’
As someone who loves both "The Office" and "The Hobbit," I think that this video is awesome. While it is not something I ever could have imagined in my own head, I am so happy that someone else did and that "Saturday Night Live" did it so danged …
NBC’s Fall TV Announcements
This is the time of year the major TV networks start to lay out what shows will be clogging our DVR's this Fall. First out of the gate is NBC and for the third straight year they have a ton of new shows.
The Darker Side Of Toby From The Office [VIDEO]
I have to admit I never really got into 'The Office' but if it was like this clip I would have to watch. Somebody edited a bunch of clips together to make Toby look like a homicidal maniac. Check it out.
With No Carell The Office Should Be Closed
There are certain characters on TV that, once they are established, become synonymous with the show.   Face it, as much as Charlie Sheen has disrupted "Two And A Half Men", you and I well know that the show is nothing without him.