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15 Crazy ‘The Hunger Games’ Facts in One Video
So, you think it's all fun and games being a movie star and filming the biggest movie of the year? Tell that to Jennifer Lawrence, the star of the 'Hunger Games' franchise who, while filming one of the 'Catching Fire' Cornucopia scenes, had a powerful water jet blast her rig…
Taylor Swift On Hunger Games Soundtrack [VIDEO]
The big movie coming out this weekend is "The Hunger Games" and it continues to get bigger. The soundtrack features tracks from Miranda Lambert with the Pistol Annie's, Maroon 5 and two tracks from Taylor Swift.
‘The Hunger Games’ A Popular Book Becoming A Movie [VIDEO]
I had never heard of 'The Hunger Games' but I am in the minority. The book is written by Suzanne Collins. It's about a post-apocalyptic future where a boy and a girl from each of 12 "districts" is selected every year, and the 24 teens then fight to the death until …