‘Nashville’ Returns to TV on CMT
Yay!  I love this show! I'm so excited that CMT picked up Nashville after ABC unexpectedly cancelled it last year.
Save the date!  Series creator, Callie Khouri reportedly announced at the Grant Ole Opry the other night, that the tv drama will return for a fifth season in Dec…
50 Thoughts While Watching the BATES MOTEL Season Finale [SPOILERS]
Bates Motel is incredibly captivating. It's also incredibly creepy. Based on the character of Norman Bates from Psycho, it was originally planned a 5 season television adaptation of watching Norman come into his own in his teen years. Last night was the Season 4 finale and it was intense.
Thoughts Had While Currently Binge Watching: Game of Thrones
I thought this might be a good thing to start since I "binge watch" so frequently. Notice I'm okay admitting this because I don't feel like this is looked down upon these days. We all find ourselves doing it, don't we? A television show pops up on Netflix, you rememb…
A Tribute To Local TV Legend Ralph Vartigan
Do YOU remember Ralph?  Although I had the chance to meet him a couple of times over the years, his TV "gig" was before I moved to this area, but I know for a fact that Mr Vartigan will be remembered well by local Baby Boomers.
Are These Really the 25 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time? has put together a list of 'The 25 Best TV Theme Songs of All Time.'  And some of our listeners disagree!  We think some pretty serious ones were left off of this list!
Here's the list . . .
1.  "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
2.  N...

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