WTF! Tiny Underwater Creatures Attack Teens Feet(Picture)
Sharks Shmarks! I said it last week when I wrote about the flesh eating bacteria infecting an open wound on the leg of a woman in South Carolina, that sharks have nothing on what really is lurking in the sea.  And now this: An Australian teenager who went for a swim Saturday, came out of the water w…
Woman Swimming Length of Lake George
Bridget Simpson of Ticonderoga plans to swim the 32 mile length of Lake George starting today at the public docks in Lake George Village, according to New York Upstate.
Naked in New York, Where It’s Allowed & Places to Go [LIST]
I've heard of the ideas of nudist beaches and nudist areas but I guess I never really thought they could be real, or maybe I just never thought of them as an option. Surprise, not only are there a ton but some are really close by to the Capital Region!
If Your Little Boy is Swimming This Summer You Must Read This
We were over at a friend's house last weekend and all the kids were having a great time in the pool when Turner, my son, had to use the bathroom.  He's 5, so I went with him in case he needed help.  I was terrified by what happened next!
You know the mesh liner that is in almost a…
Diana Nyad Swims for 48 hours Straight
Swimmer Diana Nyad is attempting another extreme challenge!  You remember her name because just last month she completed a record-breaking swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark tank!
Now she's planning on swimming for 48 hours continuously...
Best Places to Go Swimming in Albany – Our Top Five
As summer rolls in and you just can’t seem to crank the AC high enough, it’s always nice to know exactly the best places to go swimming . Between public pools and not-so-public swimming holes and waterfalls, here’s our list! - Oh and if you'