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Celebrity With the Most Super Bowl Ads
We all know there are many reasons to watch the Big Game every year.  From the pre-game entertainment, the commercials, the half-time show and the game itself, it seems there is something for everyone - even if you are not a football fan.  Part of the attraction is the entertainment value of the ad…
Super Bowl Return For Ferris Bueller [VIDEO]
A ten second clip has surfaced on YouTube of Matthew Broderick as the one and only "Ferris Bueller". Rumor has it this is for a Honda Super Bowl ad and if it is Honda could become the new champion of Super Bowl ads.
My real hope is this ad does so well Broderick makes a …
Rejected Doritos Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]
Every year Doritos has a contest where they have fans submit 30 second commercials to have them aired during the Super Bowl. Considering Super Bowl Ads cost $3.5 million this is a pretty awesome contest.