Consumer Reports: Natural Sunscreens Are A Waste Of Money
Finally, after the Winter that would NEVER end, we're experiencing some warmer weather and sunshine.  Whether you're Lake George or Washington Park bound, 65 and sunny in May can be just as dangerous on your skin as baking in the mid 90's in August.  Always protect yourself - and your children - aga…
Jake Owen Makes a Non-Country Fan Fall In Love With Country Music
Just like in the Trace Atkins song, "Songs About Me," Countryfest 2014 headliner Jake Owen made a lifelong country fan out of a civilian just by inviting her to his show.
Jake and his personal trainer were hanging at the pool before his show last weekend at Mohegan Sun (the night before he …
Solar Storm Hitting Earth Today
A solar storm is expected to hit the Earth’s magnetic field and shake the world a little bit today.  It will be the largest solar storm in five years.