Dashboard Thermometer Photos for First Day of Summer
With record high temperatures expected for the first day of summer we are expecting to see our Facebook friend feed full of photos of dashboard thermometers - plus a flood of them on Twitter and Instagram too. If you share a photo, feel free to tag us on Facebook or hashtag us on Twitter / Instagram…
Fort William Henry – Lake George Summer Attractions
Over the weekend I hosted a wedding reception at Fort William Henry, a wonderful summer resort in Lake George, New York. After enjoying a magnificent view of the lake and mountains, I realized that many of us 'locals' take this popular summer destination for granted.
Grilling And Cooking Out Poll – What Do You Think Is The Best?
Ahh - it's time for summer which means it's time to have a BBQ and friends over for a cookout. There are rules about grilling - but there are also lots of opinions too. Gas or charcoal? Hot dog or hamburger? Mustard or relish? So we ask - what do you think is the best way foods, condiments…

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