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Cowboy And Shadow On Pet Connection
Like always, Pet Connection is brought to you by Dr. Becker and staff at The Animal Hospital in Guilderland. This week Steve has a pair of super-cute animals looking for homes. I'd like you to meet Shadow and Cowboy.
Snowstorm Details–Round One Over
It has been sheer hell on the roads due to this massive storm affecting 31 states. We picked up about 8 inches today and another foot is expected tomorrow. Here's the full audio forecast for you to listen to from WGNA chief meteorologist Steve Capporizzo from WTEN Channel 10...
Snow-Maggedon 2011 (Audio)
We had our favorite weather guy Steve Caporizzo on today to talk about the back to back storms and what they would mean for the area.
Steve Capporizzo’s Forecast
A major storm is going to start dumping the white stuff on the Capital Region tonight. Here's WGNA chief meteorologist Steve Capporizzo from News 10 with the details. It's worth a listen.