Very, Very,Very Extreme Sports [VIDEO]
I get comments a lot about my musical ability, and I'm always flattered by it.  But sometimes it comes from a person with exceptional athletic ability, and I'm usually too jealous of that to take my compliment gracefully. I guess the grass is always greener, as this video will prove
This Is How The New NASCAR Chase Will Work
Every year it seems the rules for the NASCAR chase change, this year is no different.
Who better to explain the rules to us than the drivers!!  Take a look at this video explaining the new rules to the Chase.  It's kinda cool this year and looking at it, it seem like it may be a fun br…
Top-5 Reasons You Must Take Friday, August 15 Off From Work
You may have heard that the 15th Annual Sean and Richie Golf Tournament is now on a FRIDAY, sponsored by my friends at Mohawk Honda! Now, what could be better than taking a 3-day weekend in the middle of August and starting it out with a round of golf with a great friend, an incredible lunch at Stad…

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