Joe Biden Prefers Soft Balls [Watch]
Vice President Joe Biden commented on the NFL's investigation of the New England Patriots for allegedly using deflated footballs during the AFC title game against the Indianapolis Colts during an interview on CBS This Morning.
Annnnnd he said this -
To be fair, Gayle did set him up for that, but …
NASCAR Eliminates 4 Drivers Which 8 Remain?
Talladega is now behind us and four more teams have been eliminated from the "Chase" for the Championship. One of the drivers eliminated was Kyle Busch who was actually in very good shape going into today's race at the super speedway, all he had to do was avoid a crash, he did…
Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic
Labatt Blue presents the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic on Feb.6-8 at Saratoga Spa State Park! Sixty teams will...

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