Toy Train Sent to Space by Coolest Father Ever [VIDEO]
Most of us remembrer something really cool our father did for us but not many (if any) of us can say our father took our Thomas the Train and sent him to outerspace. Aside from being really cool, the footage is also fun to see his rise and decent back to Earth. Once he landed they recovered the trai…
Neil Armstrong Has Died – The Space Age is Officially Over
Neil Armstrong has passed away at age 82. Armstrong was the first human to walk on the moon. Armstrong had just turned 82 years old on August 5th. He has undergone heart surgery just a handful of weeks ago. Armstrong spoke a phrase that will echo throughout American history for centuries to come &ap…
Angry Birds In Space – FROM Space [VIDEO]
Do you play Angry Birds?  According to statistics, you probably do.  It's probably one of the most popular smart phone downloads in history . Well there's a new version out, and who better to show you it than an actual astronaut?  Check out this video