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Embarrasing Song Parody: Weiner Wonderland [AUDIO]
There are some subjects that are just slightly uncomfortable to write about.  But then again, it's my responsibility  to cover what everyone's discussing at the water cooler.  Hey.  Just doin' my job here!  So I will now debut a song for summer: Weiner Wonderl…
In Light Of Armageddon, One Last Song Parody [AUDIO]
Well, if you believe that these folks are right, this could very well be the last Sean and Richie Show, the last blog, and something very near and dear to my heart - the last dumb song parody.  I wanted go out with at least an upbeat song, so I chose a Zac Brown toe-tapper, "Knee Deep&…
BYU’s Jimmer Fredette Needs A Theme Song (AUDIO)
If you are coming to this blog looking for a review of basketball (or baseball, soccer,football or any sport for that matter), I would like to refer you to someone with actual knowledge, like Sean or Levack.  But if you're looking for a submission for a theme song for a new local hero, I M…
Cowboys Like Technology! I Have Proof! (AUDIO)
I've been lucky enough to have been at WGNA for--can it really be?- 23 years now.  And I can remember distinctly being told not to talk too much about technology on our show because "country people don't have computers".  Holy Crapola, Batman!

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