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Occupy Wall Street Movement Spreading All Over! [AUDIO]
It started on Wall Street.  It could possibly coming to State Street, Albany!  The Occupy Movement is definitely spreading.  It's a highly charged issue, to be sure.  But if you're a listener to our show, I think you know by now that we try to touch on everything, so he…
Lady Antebellum’s Into Song Parodies! Go Figure! [VIDEO]
How I stumbled upon this, don't even ask!  You know how it happens.  You go looking for information about Amsterdam, NY because you want to write a theme song for it on Thursday (see what I did there?), and you end up finding this-Lady Antebellum joking around in the studio, writing s…
ABC’s New Fall TV Shows Rhymed! [AUDIO]
Yes, it was a slow news day.  I needed rhyming material.  And I found it right in front of my face.  It was blaring out of our TV.  It was all of the shows that the networks have been hyping that I probably won't ever have time to watch.  So I decided to rhyme them. &nb…
There’s No Bulb Like the Old Bulb [AUDIO]
As I was writing my other article this week about  things that are going out of style quickly (incandescent light bulb one of them), it gave me an idea. Yes,  A light bulb went off in my head.  An old style one, not a CFL!

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