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What Would You Win an Gold Olympian Medal For? [POLL]
I watch these Olympic sports and I get jealous.
My asthma doesn't allow a lot of cardio in my life. Don't get me wrong, I've played softball forever at this point, even when it wasn't easy to breathe. But alas, I'm not Olympian worthy.
It did get me thinking though.
Trent Harmon Fans Made My Nana Feel Like A Queen [Photo]
On July 26th, the final American Idol, Trent Harmon stopped by the GNA studios on his promotional tour. I knew this a couple days in advance and of course needed to make sure my American Idol loving Nana was able to get here to meet her "boyfriend!" ...No, seriously, she calls him …
Would You Try This New Fashion Trend? [PICTURES]
Let's be honest for a second.
This happens all the time. A fashion trend kicks in and it's all the rage. Then, a year goes by -- or ten, and we look back at photos (which, by the way, will be EVERYWHERE due to social media in a decade) and we cringe.
But, I have to admit, this one might be t…

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