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Posting About Weather? Read This First
If it hasn't started already, your social media feeds will be full of constant updates and reminders of the beautiful Spring weather today and tomorrow. If I may, here are a few suggestions before you post "warm weather" photos.  These are merely suggestions, but will sav…
What? All People Don’t Train Their Cats Like I Did? [VIDEO]
I've had my cat, Lyric since he was just a tiny little puffball of a kitten. He was the biggest of his litter, but he fit in my hand. With the smallest meow I had ever heard, he was full of energy and at times a bit of a terror. But, he's my "first born" and I love him to…
Northway Toyota Fire: Too Hot to Handle
News10ABC reported on the fire at Northway Toyota Saturday morning. According to their sources, there is no additional news on the start of the fire but the real news is their response to it.
Online Trolls: Is There a Solution?
You see it all the time.
Someone posts a status, a meme, an article and inevitably, within the comments section someone has taken the time to write: "who cares?!" Or even worse, gone out of their way to name-call, belittle, argue, etc. with people they might not even know. And I&apo…

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