Show Us Your Snowpeople
Marissa and I tried to make a country cowboy snowman the other day in the parking lot when we got a lot of snow at the radio station.
It didn't work so well.
Turns out the snow was too fluffy and not "good packing" snow.
Well... what a difference a couple of days makes...
Accident Prone Marissa Takes to the Ice, Watch What Happens [WATCH]
An idea popped into my head. An idea that honestly, could have gone horribly wrong because it is true that I am one of the most accident prone people you'll probably ever meet. I've fallen down my stairs at home a handful of times, I've managed to rip a nail off of my pinky finger at …
You Might Wake Up to Snow Tomorrow Morning!
I have a rental car, and my snow brush is in my real car at the shop.... I'm cheap and lazy, so I didn't buy and new one!  I know... lame. But, that's the situation.  I'm telling you this because I feel like you're gonna need yours tomorrow as you get ready for wor…

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