A New Funny Black Friday Shopping Prank [VIDEO]
Last year I put up a couple of videos of a couple of guys who went out on black Friday and asked store employees where to find completely imaginary items. Very funny stuff. This year I found a couple of different guys who took a different angle to messing with shoppers on the busiest shopp…
Black Friday Hours in the Albany NY Area – What Time Do Stores Open?
The day after Thanksgiving is to many families it's own holiday - Black Friday. People stay up late and get up early to get some of the best deals of the season. We have plenty of choices in the Albany NY area for Black Friday shopping so here's a list of the store opening times for some o…
Three Ways Stores Get You To Spend More
Everyone knows that there is a psychology to the way a store advertises, plans sales, and even sets their store up to make you want to spend your money there. I was reading about a few of them on Yahoo, and thought I'd pass them on to you.

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