What You Should and Shouldn’t Buy on Black Friday
Shopping is like a sport to me.  Don't mock me.  Some people hunt animals, I hunt good deals!
Some people knit.  I buy cheap scarves.
So if you're like me, you consider Black Friday the first day of deal hunting season!
For those of us who will be fighting the good fight on Fri…
Colonie Whole Foods Overcharged Shoppers and Got Slapped With a Fine
Oh, and I thought I was getting such a great value when I shopped at Whole Foods!  Not!
When I heard about this story this morning I thought it was just the Whole Foods in New York City, but no! The Whole Foods Market at Colonie Center was fined $11,600 following an inspection in January b…
My Quest For Cheez Whiz
So my father-in-law is now a proud permanent New York resident again -  We helped him move from New Jersey into a really nice independent living facility in Clifton Park called Coburg Village. This did come with a slight catch, however.
Black Friday Shopping Stats
Thousands of people are going shopping on Thanksgiving and early on Black Friday morning.  And, if you're going to risk your life for a great deal, you might find these stats extra interesting.
-A new study found almost one of three things people bought on last Black Friday are already brok…

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