Popular Shoes May Become Extinct [PHOTO]
Love them or hate them, this popular shoe may go away forever. I always loved this shoe on kids, and as for adults, they were just plain weird. But it won't matter because it looks as if they won't be making them anymore.
17 Year Old In Latham Is Collecting Shoes For A Great Cause
I cleaned out all of my closets this week, so I personally have several pairs of shoes to donate to 17-year-old Josh Zeiser's Used Shoe Drive.  I urge you to do some purging, too, and donate your old sneakers, shoes, sandals, and boots to a great cause...
Top Ten Fashion Items Women Give Up After Becoming a Mom
Sometimes I look at the way I dress and think, "Man I'm old!"  But that's just something that happens naturally, right?  I mean, there are quite a few things that people should stop wearing as time goes on!  I mean, yeah, age is just a number...
Wynonna Judd: Shoe Designer? Really?
When I think about great shoes, I think about Carrie Bradshaw, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, the Kardashians, Lady Gaga!  But, not usually Wynonna Judd.
But I guess I'm alone, because last month Wynonna unveiled her new line of shoes called Got Soul...