What Is the Ideal Number of Sexual Partners?
When you get into a relationship, it's human nature to want to know how many previous sexual partners the other person has had... and there's probably a perfect number, in your opinion, right?
Well, a new survey found the ideal minimum and maximum numbers, and it's a little s…
Here’s How Many Dates You Should Wait to go All the Way
There's a new survey on when people hit different milestones in their relationships. And, the first milestone people cross is sex.  So I guess waiting for marriage is officially over.
Here's when the average person hits major moments in a new relationship, so you can see how you match …
Olympic Athletes Will Receive 42 Condoms Each
I'm sure you've heard what really goes down at the Olympic Village!  There's a reputation that the athletes at the Olympics have a lot of sex with... each other.  But, 42 condoms each, that's insane!  Or is it!?
Brazil is planning to have 450,000 condoms available a…
The Best Time to Get Busy According to Your Age
This morning you may have heard us talking about a new study that found which times of day were best for having sex, depending on your age.
A sleep expert at Oxford University in England found there are different times that work for different generations based on your body's natural rhythms, you…
Which One of the Golden Girls Got the Most Action?
Some brilliant, probably really bored people at a website called went through every "Golden Girls" episode to determine who got the most ACTION.  Yeah, that's right... sex!
They counted every sexual encounter, date, and mention of a current or form…
Most Men Name Their Junk – Here’s What They Name It
Apparently if your guy doesn't have a nickname for his junk, he's one of the only ones who don't!
According to a new survey, 73% of men have given it a nickname, and I am not too great at math, but I think that means only about one in four guys haven't given it a name...

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