Shaker High School Has Revealed the Results of Lead Testing
In a letter from Superintendent D. Joseph Corr on Dec. 20, the North Colonie School District received the results of state-mandated water testing that was performed at the district's only public high school, Shaker High School.
The water quality testing was performed because of legislation signe…
Update on the ‘Suspicious Package’ Found at North Colonie School
This afternoon Colonie Police have provided an update on their investigation of a suspicious package found at Shaker High School Monday.
Here's what the press release says -
The Colonie Police Department has identified and interviewed the subject who left the package at the main entrance of …
Fourth Graders Skipped the Bus for a Firetruck To Get To School
I remember when I was in elementary school, we had a reading competition. I think it was a "turn off the tv" type of thing. The goal was to get so many hours by the students and if we hit said goal, our principal at the time would kiss a pig. It seems so silly now, but as a kid under 10, I…
Mental Health Classes Coming to a NY School Near You
When I was graduating from high school I was overwhelmed and completely unsure of what was coming next. None of what I had learned over the course of my four years could have prepared me. But, now it looks like that'll change for high school students in New York.
Best Public Schools for English in Albany Area
The Business Review’s 2016 Schools Report, which will be released on Friday, but we got a sneak peek of it today when the numbers for the best public schools for English were released.
Voorheesville Central School District took the top position for English test scores in the 11-county…
Bethlehem Schools Plan Random Drug Searches
I have to admit, when I first read this headline I was really conflicted about how I feel about random drug searches.  But, the more research I do on the subject, the more I think I've decided it's a good idea.  Of course, like any of the issues we write about or talk about on th…

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