GNA Secret Star Clue #2
Here it is: Clue #2 and If you can guess the Secret Star lineup, you could end up sitting on the stage at Proctor’s May 3rd!
What Do We Need in the 518?
Reddit is one of my favorite websites. It's probably the first website I check out every day to see what's trending online, especially the local subreddits. I like to know locally what everyone is talking about and with Uber and Lyft coming to New York/the Capital Region in July, it's…
Local City Named One of Best Biggest Little Cities
When you ask people who aren't from this country to name some of cities we have in the US, I'm sure you're going to hear the big ones: New York City, Los Angeles, Orlando but it's rare that they'll come up with Albany or even this city, named one of the Biggest Little Cities…
National Pet Day, Not Just A Day To Love Your Pet
I absolutely love my dog Freddie and in honor of National Pet Day, I would like to give him a huge shout out. But National Pet Day isn't just for loving all pets, it's actually a way to help out local shelters and give a little extra love to those animals that need some extra attention.
WRGB Together TV 6 & You 1978 Commercial [VIDEO]
I've lived in Schenectady my whole life and somethings are staple. The buildings, the monuments, and our radio & news stations. I was clicking around the internet when I found a crazy blast from the past from WRGB.
Finally Went To The Rivers Casino
Over the weekend, Jenn's mom and aunt came to visit. So we thought it was time to go to the Rivers Casino. I had asked a lot of people their opinion of the new casino and got mixed reviews, mostly negative so I was anxious to see for myself.
Driving to Work, I Saw This [PHOTO]
When you drive the same way every day to work, you get used to seeing the same houses, the same roads and every so often one or two houses stand out. I've been driving this new route about a month and I look forward to seeing this one house every morning.
Ice Cream Favorite Opens
Snow is coming to the Capital Region tomorrow so though it may not feel like Spring, it is, which means Summer is right there behind it. You know what gives me hope for warmer weather? Ice cream and one of my favorites opens today.
The Best Thing In All of New York
New York is a huge state. Granted, not as big as California or Texas but we're still a pretty big state. If you were to ask me what the best thing in this entire state is, I don't know if I could tell you. Luckily, I found an article that did it for me.

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