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Saratoga County Restaurant Week Starts Friday
Get ready because Saratoga County is gearing up for the 13th annual restaurant week. The week long event runs from December 1st through December 7th and it includes everything from fast food to three course meals.
Jailed Man Claims He’s NOT The Sicko Sleeper Creeper
Ramiz Hajratalli of Saratoga Springs is the alleged creeper accused of breaking into people's houses and watching them while they sleep.  While he remains behind bars, his attorney claims this is a case of mistaken identity according to CBS 6 News.  Were the victims too tired to corre…
I Tried This Deep Fried Food at the Saratoga County Fair [WATCH]
I've been to plenty of fairs in my day. I like to gravitates towards the food on a stick section. There's just something about grilled meat on a stick that is so delicious. Of course, I also have to head towards the fried food as well. It's a fair. You have to indulge. So, when I went…
Deadly Tick Virus Continues to Spread in Saratoga County
Lindsay Nielson from News 10 ABC called into the morning show today with breaking news about the potentially deadly tick virus known as the Powassan virus that has already taken the life of one Saratoga County man.  Hear the audio and find out what's being done to prevent this disease from…

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