15 Photos of Santa That Make You Go ‘Huh?’
1. Wait, he gets stuck in that chimney, but not in that tiny sled?
2. Santa likes his package.
3. This is why Santa doesn't deliver to Russia anymore.
4.  Mrs. Claus has had some work done...
5.  Working together to brainwash America's children...
What Kids Wanted for Christmas 100 Years Ago
This list is derived from actual letters written to Santa from children in 1913.  It's amazing how many of the gifts on this list I have gotten for my kids this year!
The top ten gifts on children's' Christmas wish lists in 1913 were...
Night At The North Pole Releases More Rooms
For a second straight year, The Night At The North Pole at the Best Western Albany Airport Inn on Wolf Road has sold out.  However, one day before the event a few rooms have been released and made available for purchase.
FAA Clears Santa For Flight
On this weekend before Christmas everyone is busy making final preparations for the big day.  Nobody is any busier than Santa himself and he got some good news from the Federal Aviation Administration this week.
Top 5 Funny Letters To Santa!
Christmas is all about the kids. I so love kids when they are at the age write letters to Santa and ask for what they want this year. A Lot of them are the standard fare, a quick greeting, a declaration of "goodness",  an itemized list and "Love" or "Yours Truly" and th…
Memories That Last Forever
As most of us get together with our families and friends during Christmas and the holidays, these special times could end up being the things we remember the most, for the rest of our lives.
Santa’s Elves And Clever Kids
My twelve year old son wants a "Droid" Cell Phone for Christmas. I said, "Really Son? That is a pretty big thing to wish for." He replied with a smirk, "Not really cus I still believe in Santa Claus."

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