santa claus

Vote for Santa Claus – North Pole, Alaska City Council
This is one of those stories that is just too crazy not to tell!
There's a real city in Alaska called North Pole.  Which is crazy enough, but wait, there's more!  There's a guy who lives there named Santa Claus!  That's right, Santa Claus...
Kenny Rogers Plays Santa for Young Hurricane Sandy Victims
Kenny Rogers will come to the rescue of kids affected by Hurricane Sandy next week at his concert date in Englewood, NJ. Along with toymakers Fisher-Price and Mattel, the big-hearted singer has teamed with the Bergen Performing Arts Center and the Englewood Fire Department for a toy drive to collect…
The Levack’s Invade The Polar Express
The Polar Express is pulling in to Saratoga Springs and Ella and I grabbed a few friends and got on board. I snapped a few pictures and would love to share them with you.