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Host Announced for American Idol Reboot
After months and months of negotiations, American Idol has finally come to an agreement on who will host the upcoming season with auditions beginning in Mid-August.
Seacrest’s Out…For Your Job [AUDIO]
Ryan Seacrest is literally taking over the planet and if you don't agree with that assessment, look at his history.  He's Dick Clark, Merv Griffin, Casey Kasem, and Regis Philbin all rolled into one.
Ryan Seacrest Sings with Richard Marx Live on American Idol [Video]
This might be the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Ever.
On last night's American Idol Finale, Caleb won, but that's not the biggest news of the night!
Host with the most, Ryan Seacrest, sang on National Television!
He did a very short, very awkward duet with his childhood idol, Richar…
Who Should Go Home on ‘American Idol’?
The field is down to thirteen finalists.  Though last night was much better than last Wednesday night's performances, there were still more bad singers versus good singers -- in my opinion.