Terminator Vs. Robocop: The Rap Battle [VIDEO]
It's not #ThrowbackThursday yet, but I found this and had to share. Imagine pitting RoboCop against The Terminator in an epic rap battle. Who do you think would win. I admit that I was a tomboy as a kid so I've seen both series and I think RoboCop would win, but judge for yourself as you w…
New Robocop Revealed [VIDEO]
There is a "Robocop" remake in the works set to be released on August 9th, 2013. We now have our first look at the new crime fighting cyborg.
Levack Rant- Entertainment News
Today's view from the couch saw my softer side when I took the side on Robocop. I shared some movie news and told you the cast of the next season of "Dancing With the Stars". Give it a listen.
Detroit Needs A Robocop Statue [VIDEO]
Not sure why we even have to debate this but some people seem to think a Robocop staue in Detroit is a bad idea. You know like the mayor David Bing. If Rocky can have a statue in Philly why can't the savor of the Motor City have one?
Movie Star Statues In The Weirdest Places
You would expect to see your favorite movie stars in the Hollywood Wax Museum or some place similar.  Maybe at Universal Studios, Florida.  That would make sense.   But cities are now commemorating their favorite movie stars by putting statues up--like Robocop in Detroit.  A…