New York Restaurants Won’t Show NFL Games
As more and more people continue to weigh in on their thoughts about players "taking a knee" during the national anthem on various social media platforms, some New York restaurants have already told their customers they won't be showing NFL games.  Are you a local bar/res…
Downtown Saratoga Bar/Restaurant for Sale
After almost 25 years, sometimes you just need to move on and this owner has decided to get out of the restaurant business but that puts this Downtown Saratoga favorite at risk.
Glens Falls Restaurant Tried a No-Tip Policy and Has Reversed It
Davidson's Brothers Restaurant in Glen's Falls was one of the first restaurants in the Capital Region to start a no-tipping policy at their restaurant.
And as of January, they have reversed it.  According to the Chronicle, the owner says this market isn't ready for such a policy..…
Latham Farms is About to Get a New Restaurant
Hungry? Well, there is about to be a new place for you to eat if you're out and about shopping in Latham!
A new restaurant will open in the space where Epicurean Bistro and Wine Bar in Latham Farms used to be.
Cork N Cow is a new restaurant idea by Ed Inglis, who owns Sunshine Pools in …

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