Wait This Isn’t Already A Law For Animals?
There is a new law that will require animal shelters to do something that I thought they already did. The main reason I got this done to my dog was because I thought it was already a requirement in case he winds up at a shelter.
Firefighters Do It All [PICTURE]
It always amazes me that first responders throw caution to the wind and go into a situation sometimes blind. Firefighters, EMTs and even police officers never know what kind of emergency they will be called upon to help.
Watch This Family Jump Out of a Window to Escape Fire [Video]
Yesterday my husband sent me this crazy video of a family in Russia who had to jump out a window of their fifth floor apartment in order to escape a fire!  It happened earlier this month.
First the dad threw a throw rug out of the window so that the neighbors could use the carpet to sa…
Ex-Con Saves Baby Before She Crawls Onto Highway
Bryant Collins, who spent 10 years in jail for drugs, saved a baby on the side of a highway, and is now a hero!
He got out five years ago, and has since turned his life around.  Bryant now works as a mechanic.
On Friday morning, Bryant was driving down a highway near Athens, Georgia when he spott…