Differences Between a Girl & a Woman
I stumbled on an article on Just My Type this morning and what I love about it is how it points out the multiple differences between a girl and a woman when dating a guy.
15 Ways Men are Like Christmas Trees
On my way to work I have been noticing lots of Christmas trees that have been kicked to the curb.
It really got me thinking... in what other ways are men like Christmas trees?
Here's what I have come up with...
1. Most are around 6 feet tall
Why Do Women Take Their Wedding Rings Off
A new study has found that in "certain situations" a third of women decide to remove their wedding or engagement rings.
The top 3 reasons women took off their rings: 35% was for work reasons, 29% were for job interviews, and 22% were out socializing...
Women Say No Nookie Until They Get Their Road
Let me just say, I'm not recommending this method for just anything, however, for a life or death situation such as this... it just may be brilliant!
All of the women in a small town in Colombia have launched a SEX STRIKE . . . no one's getting any until the one road into town is fixed...

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