Talking To My 6 Year Old About the Las Vegas Shooting
In the wake of the tragedy that happened in Las Vegas where 59 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured, it is hard to try and make sense of it as adults. It's even harder to try and explain it to our six year old. But we answered the questions he had, the best we could.
Going on a Job Interview? Ask These 2 Questions…
I hate the part at the end of a job interview when they always ask if you have
any questions for them.  Grrrrrrrrrr!  Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't.  And if you don't ask anything, you're not hired.  Sooooooo, you ask, "Does the kitchen have a Keuri…
Why Is There No Exit 3 Off The Northway?
This is a frequently asked question in the Albany area and the missing exit has become quite a piece of local lore; it was even mentioned  in a McDonald’s commercial last year.