Secret Star Acoustic Jam CLUE #2 [VIDEO]
The show is coming in a matter of days and now it's time to help you try to figure out who will be taking the stage! Nov. 16 at Proctors in Schenectady we'll be bringing back our Secret Star Acoustic Jam presented by Adirondack Tire and Service.
My First Secret Star Acoustic Jam
When I was asked if I had been to or even heard of the Secret Star shows before, I was honest and said, "no." This business is crazy and your life can be completely taken over by the station you're with, especially when you're dedicated like I was with my last job (a…
Clues That May Give Secret Star Away
After weeks of coming up with clues for our acoustic jam, I decided to let Nick our promotions guru take a crack at hints for this year's show. Without telling him who the artists are.
Secret Star Clue #10 [VIDEO]
Are the clues getting you any closer to figuring out who will be at our Secret Star Acoustic Jam on April 27th at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady?

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