Rich President, Poor President
Everyone is talking about  wealth these days ,especially the financial well-being of certain financial candidates (i.e. Mitt Romney).  Yes, he is filthy rich, without doubt.  But if, and I do say IF he were to become the leader of the free world, how would he stack up on the richness …
Donald Trump For President? (AUDIO)
Simple question.  Do you think "The Donald" will actually run in 2012?  Could he actually win?  And would a campaign jingle help him?  Well, I'm here to help (whether he wants it or not!!)
President’s Day Salute To Clinton and Bush (AUDIO)
Happy President's  Day.  Hope you find the mattress, furniture and clothing you desire!  But we all know what President's Day SHOULD be for--to honor the great leader of our nation, past and present.  And also to pick on them, which is our job on the Sean and Richie Sho…