NewsFlash: Trump Actually DOES Have Ideas
I'm not for or against anyone at this point.  I'm still listening to everyone's campaign platforms.  But it was on 60 Minutes that I actually heard him speak seriously, without insulting or trying hard to purposely create some sound bite that we'll spread around social …
Zeke For President [VIDEO]
This little boy was VERY upset to hear that Hillary Clinton was running for president. Not necessarily because he thought she is a bad candidate, but because he think he would be a much better one! Find out what he is basing his platform below...
Monday, April 13, 2015 – Super 7
1. The MTV movie awards aired last night.  What does MTV stand for?
a - Music Television
2. You can use Uber to hail a rickshaw in India. Spell rickshaw.
a - rickshaw
3. Hilary Clinton joined the presidential race yesterday.  What two colors are her logo...
President George H. W. Bush Skydiving at 90! [Watch]
Here's an idea for your 90th birthday celebration... skydiving!  Former President George H. W. Bush commemorated his 90th birthday by jumping out of an aircraft, and of course, it was caught on tape!  Enjoy!
Happy Birthday Mr. President...
Barack Obama on Between Two Ferns [Watch]
By now I'm sure you've heard of Zach Galifianakis's web series, Between Two Ferns, from, but if not, here's an episode to familiarize yourself with the phenomenon.
President Barack Obama joined Zach on the show recently, and I found myself laughing out loud, lo…
Meet the Guy Who Wrote Tonight’s State of the Union Address
He's only 33!  Director of Speechwriting Cody Keenan has battled long nights with "energy cookies" and a Keurig, and tonight, we'll all see if it was worth it!
The SOTU is said to be mainly about the economy, the challenge of income inequality, his health care overhau…
High Five Fail Compilation LOL [Watch]
This video almost makes me want to quit high-fiving altogether!  This video is some of the most awkward high-fives ever!  Even the President isn't immune!
Don't you just feel their pain!  I wanna just help them out!  We've all been there, left hanging by a friend or…

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