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The Funniest Papal Wardrobe Malfunctions
All those robes seem mighty grand, until a gentle breeze starts a-blowin'. We wouldn't be surprised if it was the wind that led to Pope Benedict XVI's abdication. Robes flying everywhere. Hats soaring off. It's not easy being pope.
What We Know About Pope Benedict’s Resignation
In stunning news, Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday morning from the Vatican that he will resign his position as head of the Catholic Church, effective on February 28. This has already set off a flurry of speculation, largely because no pope has voluntarily done so since the year 1415.
The news is s…
Pope Resigns – No Longer Has the Strength
The Vatican announced this morning that the 85-year-old Pope Benedict will resign on February 28th, because he doesn’t feel he has the strength to keep up with his duties.  He was quoted in the Herald Scotland as saying he’s personally noticed his strength has been declining recently, "to the e…