What Would You Win an Gold Olympian Medal For? [POLL]
I watch these Olympic sports and I get jealous.
My asthma doesn't allow a lot of cardio in my life. Don't get me wrong, I've played softball forever at this point, even when it wasn't easy to breathe. But alas, I'm not Olympian worthy.
It did get me thinking though.
The Best And Worst Places To Live In The Capital District
The other day I saw a study done by a website, RoadSnacks.Net which set out to "scientifically" find the worst suburbs of Albany N.Y. It seemed pretty legit they looked at a few different factors like, employment, pay, things to do , high school drop out rates and home values...
No, Guys, She Doesn’t Want Lingerie for Christmas
Have you heard of the "boomerang gift", it's a present you give someone that also benefits YOU. Which, according to a new poll is exactly the kind of gift women don't want!
Like, lingerie, for example.
Bad news, dudes, if you were planning on giving her a little number…

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