pennies from heaven

Meet Loyal Listeners Who Make Time For WGNA Charity Events
Sometimes I walk around at our WGNA charity events and shake my head silently, in a good way!  I see these folks who very easily could be doing something else at this very hectic time of the year, and yet still come out and support us.  Time to recognize a few folks who have done just that…
Pennies From Heaven 2011
Today’s Country 1077 ‘GNA presents our annual Pennies from Heaven fundraising campaign.  It’s because of the generosity of our listeners that we are able to help out 11 local children’s charities during the holiday season.  ‘GNA will be collecting money from now until Sunday, December 18th.  You can…
Pennies From Heaven
A  Listener asked me the other day to re-tell the story about how "Pennies From Heaven" got started.  I cant believe how long ago it was, but it all got started with a seven year old  boy named Joshua Farrell and a little brown dog.