Can You Imagine A World Without Such Divide?
Whether it's Charlottesville, VA or Troy, NY racial tension, anger, political outrage and violence appear to be dominating the headlines and on everyone's mind. It's unavoidable even if you try to avoid it.  Heck, I'm writing about it now even as I should be asleep.  It's frustrating, it's depressin…
Reba McEntire Wants Your Help With Her New Video
REBA MCENTIRE is giving fans like you a chance to be in the video to her new song "Pray for Peace"!
All you have to do is record yourself doing Reba's specific "pray for peace" motions, and then send her the video.
Watch her example video -
Then Click …
My Christmas Wish – Peace And Family Time
Everyone has a Christmas wish each and every year. Some wish for money, or to find a good job or for a sick friend or family member to get well. Those are great wishes and I have wished for some of those things in years past.