Who Wants Free Stuff For Tweeting And Blogging?
There is a new marketing trend out there my friends and I want in!  You all have seen the commercials on TV with the Wheat Thins truck delivering pallets of Wheat Thins to people who tweet about them right? It seems this is now quite the trend. Many restaurants are also in the mix as well. One …
John Stamos’ Guide To Cuddling [VIDEO]
This video is hysterical BUT there is a swear word or two and should not be watched in front of kids. That being said I HAD to share another bit from John Stamos is hysterical! Watch this video but make sure no one is behind you.
President’s Day Salute To Clinton and Bush (AUDIO)
Happy President's  Day.  Hope you find the mattress, furniture and clothing you desire!  But we all know what President's Day SHOULD be for--to honor the great leader of our nation, past and present.  And also to pick on them, which is our job on the Sean and Richie Sho…
NY Tax Cap Singalong-A Work In Progress (audio)
Well, here's what I have for tomorrow's show--a little ditty about the dreaded--I mean, much anticipated..NY Tax Cap.  But I only have the words... here's what I have so far.  (And I'll be singin' the song tomorrow morning between 8:30am-8:45am BTW
Christmas Parody From Boght Hills School
I probably sound like a broken record (or CD), but once again, the satisfaction that comes from visiting an elementary school in the Capital Region can't actually be explained in a blog or on the air for that matter.  It's one of those "you had to be there" moments.
Thanks To Facebook Friends in Cyberspaces
This past year has been a major growth year.  No, it's not the economy, stupid.  I'm speaking about the major growth of friendships.  Cyber friendships, if you will.    
There are over 300 meeeeeellion people on Facebook.  It's getting bigger eve…
A Wikileaks Christmas Carol
Although a fairly serious issue ( you think?), I wanted to at least try to find the funny in this story.  I guess it all started when I heard the song "Oh Christmas Tree" playing in the mall.  All of a sudden,  I started singing "Oh Wikileaks, Oh W…

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