Update on the ‘Suspicious Package’ Found at North Colonie School
This afternoon Colonie Police have provided an update on their investigation of a suspicious package found at Shaker High School Monday.
Here's what the press release says -
The Colonie Police Department has identified and interviewed the subject who left the package at the main entrance of …
North Colonie Schools Delayed Over Suspicious Package
According to the North Colonie Schools Facebook page -
All North Colonie schools are running on a two-hour delay, due to a suspicious package found in front of Shaker High School. This two-hour delay applies to all schools, including elementary, private and parochial schools...
Jacksonville Airport Evacuated, Bomb Squad Called
Suspicious packages were to blame for the evacuation of Jacksonville International Airport Tuesday, along with the canceling of several flights.
Tweets had been coming throughout the evening from the official airport Twitter account as the situation at Jacksonville Airport unfolded...