Luke Bryan To Play Before Game 6 Tonight
The Nashville Predators are playing for their lives tonight in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The game will air on NBC (Channel 13) at 8pm. Before the game, Luke Bryan will put on a special show.
Why The Dierks Hate Last Night? (VIDEO)
Dierks Bentley took a lot of heat last night for his rendition of the National Anthem before game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals last night in Nashville.  We thought he did great! Take a listen to it and judge for yourself.
End of NHL Lockout Bittersweet for Carrie Underwood
At least one person is saddened by the end of the NHL lockout. When games resume later this month, Carrie Underwood will lose her favorite traveling companion. The labor dispute provided extra time for the singer and her husband Mike Fisher to vacation and just be man and wife -- a luxury not afford…
NHL Is Back
NHL lockout is almost over! Players and the league have reached an tentative agreement to end the lockout and hopefully begin playing hockey this month!